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Add Shifts--Single or Repeat Shifts

The Add Shifts-Single or Repeat Shifts tool is the basic way to create shifts within the Shiftboard site. Managers can set many preferences within each shift that is created. To find out more about each setting, follow the number in the image to the corresponding explanation below.

How to Add a Single or Repeating Shift 

  1. Team: Choose the team from the dropdown list. This is a required field and each shift can only have one team.
  2. Assign To: As a rule of thumb, we recommend skipping over assigning members to shifts in this view. If  creating multiple positions within the shift and using "Assign To," that member will be assigned to multiple positions. Instead, see the Assigning Shifts section to learn about alternative ways to assign staff to shifts.
  3. Quantity: Select how many people needed to cover/work this shift. This defaults to one.
  4. Subject (optional): Add information about the shift for members to view at a glance.
  5. Shift Types: Provides options to establish what shift durations may look like:
    • Shift (Coverage Block)--If people are working the same times (e.g., mid-day, overnight, mornings), this can be set as Coverage Blocks.
    • Anytime--Use if assistance is needed at any time on a particular day.
    • TBD--For those "task based" shifts where staff arrive at a certain time, but may leave once the job is complete
    • Hrs/Mins--Set a start time, and plug in the duration of the shift
    • Endtime--A traditional way of thinking of shifts by setting the start time and end time.
  6. Role (optional): If roles are established within a team, choose from the list if this shift needs to be filled by a particular role.
  7. Location (optional): Provide location information for a shift, such as a company or address, etc.
  8. Client (optional): If this shift has a point of contact or client associated with it, provide their name and details here by clicking the + button.
  9. Critical: Places a flag icon on this shift to signal urgency/importance.
  10. No Trade: Check this box if you do not want members to offer their shift to peers using Tradeboard. Leave this box unchecked if this is allowed.
  11. Shift Assignment Options: Within the calendar, shifts can be created with different assignment preferences (below):
    • Allow Pick Up--Members of the selected team will be able to assign themselves to this shift on a first-come/first-serve basis.
    • No Pick Up--Choose this option to hand-select and assign specific members to this shift.
    • Signup List- Allows members to express interest in working this shift, but allows Site Administrators/Managers the flexibility to choose their preference.
  12. Room/Floor (optional): Share details on a particular room, floor, or area where this shift will take place.
  13. Details (optional): Add additional information if desired.
  14. Attachment: Documents uploaded to the Filebox may be shared as an attached link in this space. Please note: Only one one document can be added per shift.
  15. Repeating Shifts: Set repetition patterns through a certain date using the options available.
  16. Additional Dates: Add additional unique dates that may exist outside the pattern established in Repeating Shifts (#15).
  17. Save Preferences: Select how to share the shift(s) on the calendar:
    • Post--Places this shift on the calendar for this team and is visible to eligible team members.
    • Post & Notify--Use this option when setting the shift as Allow Pick Up or Sign-Up List. This posts the shift to the calendar, and notifies team members that a new shift has been placed on the calendar that is available to take or sign up.
    • Save as Unpublished--Puts the shift on the calendar as a placeholder, but is not visible to team members. The shift can be published at a later date once ready.
    • Cancel--Do not save/start over.


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