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Assigning Shifts


The Assigning Shifts feature is used when assigning members to shifts. Deciding how to assign a member changes based on an organization's needs. Options include (1) bulk assign, (2) single select, (3) auto assign, or (4) pick multiple. Team Managers can access these tools, and Coordinators can also be given access to this on a team-by-team basis. The assigning tool will select the members(s) who best fit the position based on the shift settings.

How to Assign a Shift 

From the calendar view, click any shift that needs to be assigned. On the right-hand side, a window will appear. Click "Assign" to be taken to a page like the screenshot below. From here, there are multiple options on how to choose the right member for the shift. To find out more about each option, follow the number in the image to the corresponding explanation below.

1. Bulk/Mass Assign--The bulk assign function is best used for assigning a member to the same shift for an extended period of time.

2. Single Select--Useful for when needing to choose only one member. Expand the Assign dropdown on the left (screenshot above), choose the member preferred, and click "Yes, Assign."

3. Auto Assign--The auto-assign tool is best suited for quick assigning members when it does not matter who is assigned to the shift.

4. Pick Multiple--The pick multiple function is designed for instances to assign a particular member to work a shift.


Helpful Hints

Assigning a member gives the option to override shift conflicts and overtime site rules, without changing the settings. The Assignability Preferences box gives the assignee the ability to filter the pool of members they are selecting from in the dropdown list.

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