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General and Specific Availability


The General Availability tool is useful if members have recurring times or days that they are always available or always busy. They only need to indicate a busy time or an available time depending on how the Shiftboard site is configured. Shiftboard will always suggest the correct choice for the site.

General Availability

Members may be able to select a specific team that the entry applies to and specific hours that they can or can't work, or leave these options as "Any Team" and "All Day" to completely block out or be able to work that day. 

Members can also set boundaries on the duration of their entry by using the "From another date" and "Until a specific date" options. If they leave the entry "Open-ended," then it will be permanent, but if they choose "Until a specific date," then Shiftboard will automatically remove the entry after that date has passed. 

If adding a single entry, members can click "Add" to complete the process, but if they'd like to add a number of entries in quick succession, they can use the "Add Another" option to save the entry and refresh this page for the next entry. 



Specific Availability

Specific Availability is useful for adding one or more individual dates that members can or can't work. Use the dropdown menu or the small calendar icon to pick the dates, then click the red "Add" link to add the entries to the list. Once the dates have been added, members can make further specifications with the team and time options if needed. 

As the dates on this list pass, the entries will automatically be removed from a member's availability section. 




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